Specialty Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Company

Specialty Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Company

  • The client is a $2.54 billion global company that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes specialty pharmaceutical products and diagnostic imaging agents. Their specialty pharmaceutical products are sold to major wholesalers and retail drugstore chains. They market their global medical imaging products primarily to physicians, technologists and purchasing administrators at hospitals, imaging centers, cardiology clinics and radio pharmacies.

  • The client’s business objective was to build an online community for MS patients with integrated tools to help convey symptoms to the patients’ health care providers. The website’s requirement was to be HIPAA compliant to protect the data of the website users while being captured for analysis.

  • Genvate provided a responsive website for MS patients to visit and be empowered with information about MS, help track and report MS symptoms. The site consisted of the following features:

    • Custom CMS to update content
    • Informational pages that consisted of pdfs and videos.
    • Polling module where users can answer MS related questions and see real time results.
    • Content sharing via social and email
    • Integrated API to display MS programs and events around the nation.
    • Mobile device friendly
    • HIPAA compliant programming
    • Reporting / Recording tool to track history, symptoms, questions
    • Data capturing for analysis

    Technology: ASP.NET, SQL database

    Results: The website is a huge success for the client with tens of thousands of active users. the client is able to analyze the behavior of the site users and make better marketing decisions.